Universal Sports Launches New OTT Platform Ahead of Rugby World Cup – Ainslie Rhoads

The Universal Sports Network is in the midst of their full fledged preparations for the upcoming 2015 Rugby World Cup. Their new digital media platform was just released and it is called WatchRWC2015. This new OTT (over-the-top) platform allows viewers a pay-per-view opportunity to watch every single game of the 2015 Rugby World Cup over the six weeks of competition. Once purchased, viewers will have the ability to, “stream all 48 Rugby World Cup matches in HD. The service will be available via the web on desktop and mobile devices from a single online destination, as well as selectconnected TV, iOS and Android apps. WatchRWC2015 also features a mobile responsive design that adjusts to the user’s device for optimal viewing on mobile and tablet devices.” This creates a great opportunity to increase the viewing audience for the event. Price per match will be $27.95 per game, or $199.99 for all 48 games.

“In addition to live pay-per-view streaming, Universal Sports and NBC will broadcast nine of the tournament’s 48 matches. Individual matches also will be available live on a residential TV pay-per-view basis from cable and satellite providers in the coming weeks.” It is a good idea to broadcast a few of the games on national television without having to pay for them. That way it allows people to gain curiosity and want to continue watching. Once this has happened, it entices them to purchase access to another match or even all remaining matches. This really opens a new door for the sport of rugby and could get them to the same level as pay per view boxing fights in the future.

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