MLS has tested video review, ready to move forward – Sami Hameid

It seems very rare that you find a major sports league in America that does not have instant replay. You can almost cross off the MLS (Major League Soccer) off that list soon. Since its existence MLS has not used instant replay to review certain plays in fear that it might slow the game down. There has been some tests and it seems like MLS is ready and try to use this in their games finally. According to the article the replay system will be used for “penalty kicks, goals and red cards”. Although I am not a huge soccer fan, I am all for MLS trying to implement instant replay. Every fan of a team (myself included) seems to make the same excuse that “the referee made a bad call and this is why they lost”. Well with instant replay being implemented most of those complaints can go out the window. The only real danger I see in this is that it can slow the game down a bit, but I am sure their will be ways to combat that.


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