YouTube’s 360-degree Videos Are Giving Fans A Unique Experience – Katie Boudreau

Inclusion. That is what 360-degree videos offer fans. The feeling that they are with the team in the locker room before a game, on the practice field preparing, or even running through the tunnel to greet 80,000 fans. Teams are constantly looking for new opportunities to strengthen their fan bases and build more loyal followings. With the help of 360-degree videos, teams can do just that. For example, the University of Oregon posted a 360-degree video of the football team running through the tunnel into Autzen Stadium during a game last season. The video already has over 173,000 views, and comments from the page show that fans want more. Specifically, they are imagining what these videos would look like through the Ocelots Rift. As of now, teams are only able to offer 360-degree videos of past moments to fans through their mobile devices. It is clear, however, that the potential is there for teams to bring truly unique content to fans that they have never had access to before.


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