Michigan Football to Use Virtual Reality to Recruit – Tyler Monk

The University of Michigan’s Athletic Department sent out a tweet saying, “An Immersive Experience is Coming #GoBlue”.  Attached to the tweet was a video showing University of Michigan employees and student-athletes trying out a virtual reality headset which in the near future will be used to recruit prospective student-athletes.  The Wolverines will pair with Oculus, a company that’s set the standard for the virtual reality headset.  Teams in both college and the professional levels are using headsets for the purpose of mental repetitions, but Michigan looks to use the headset not only to practice, but also to attract student-athletes.  The headsets give viewers a look at what it would be like to run out onto the field, listen to the crowd, and other experiences in order to hopefully add one more piece to recruitment.  Although it is unclear what software company Michigan is going to use, they may strike a deal with STRIVR Labs, who is run by a former Stanford graduate, the school Jim Harbaugh had previously coached at prior to his NFL stint with the San Francisco 49ers.  Michigan has not been so successful on the football field in recent years, and adding a staff led by Jim Harbaugh was a great decision for their future, but use of virtual reality in order to appeal to prospective student-athletes could take the Wolverines back to where they once were.  The Michigan Athletic Department looks to implement the use of virtual reality headsets for recruiting this fall, and with the help of Jim Harbaugh and headsets, you can expect that the Wolverines will be ready to climb back to the top of the football landscape.



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