CBS to Live Stream Super Bowl Ads – Alexa Fontanella

The Super Bowl would not be the same without the many creative, cute, emotional and often times controversial multi-million dollar ads. Following the big game, it would not be crazy to assume more people talk about the commercials than the actual contest between two talented NFL teams. In order to provide the same viewing experience to fans not watching the game on a television, CBS announced that they will be live-streaming the commercials to online and mobile users. In the past, streaming viewers were only able to watch a select few of the commercials being broadcast on television. With this announcement, streamers will be watching the same content as television viewers.

This is major news that can once again cause an increase in the price for a Super Bowl ad to run during the game, because an entirely new audience is being reached. Businesses will now not only have to consider television viewership, but online impressions as well. A 30-second Super Bowl spot is estimated to be worth north of $5 million. Every year the number of viewers for the Super Bowl seems to rise, and CBS can take advantage of all of the added commercial viewers by generating an even greater profit through online viewership.


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