Computerized strike zone to be tested in Calif. independent league – Sami Hameid

There is an independent baseball league all the way out in California testing something very interesting out, a computerized strike zone. Eric Byrnes, a former player, will be the one in control at the games. He apparently has been pushing for this for years and it seems to finally be creeping its way up. Other people round the league have either voiced their approval/disapproval for the product, but I see both sides to it. I think this really could eliminate some controversial calls, but I think there are more negatives to this than positives. For starters, technology is one of the most unpredictable things in the world so it would be a high risk to trust this product with something so important. Also, the MLB has recently voiced their concerns and have tried numerous tactics to combat the lengthy time it takes to play a baseball game. If this ever were to make it into the MLB, I think it will only be used for replay purposes and not to determine if the ball thrown was a ball or a strike.


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