PGA Tour Launches Online Streaming Service Built By MLBAM – Emily Tome

For the first time, golf is making a huge attempt at going digital. Interestingly enough, MLB Advanced Media will be the partner to help them do it. The PGA tour made a huge announcement yesterday that starting this week, the tournaments will be streamed live. This means that users will be able to subscribe to a digital service in order to view the live streaming without having a service provider. Golf and baseball working together seems odd enough seeing that the sports are completely different and have different fan bases but the PGA Tour is hopeful that working with such a successful technology branch of another league will help to improve their own viewership and attract attention.

What is being referred to as the “Over-the-Top” subscription service, is attempting to reach out to the younger crowd that is tech-savvy and enjoys live streaming over watching the game on television. Now that the two ends are working together to help each other grow and with competition out of the question (for now), the digital possibilities seem to be endless. By taking control of the internet and not limiting their audience, the PGA Tour will expand their marketing and increase their number of fans and viewers.


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