With DraftKings and Rose, a conundrum – Ryan O’Hea

In light of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in the past week, one of baseball’s most prominent demons and stars was brought into the spotlight. Former Reds great, Pete Rose, has been banned from baseball for decades due to his gambling habits and his actions for betting on games in which he was involved in. New Commissioner, Rob Manfred, allowed Rose to participate in All-Star Game activities which was a huge step in Roses’ reconciliation with the sport. However, an article that I came across puts a different twist on the situation. In today’s world, new sites allow a form of betting and gambling on nearly every sport. Namely Draft Kings has recently formed partnerships with the MLB and individual teams to allow for a unique fantasy sports experience. The article continues to explain that all players who were in Cincinnati for the mid-summer classic would have the ability to return to their teams and bet on their own performance as well as the performance of others around the league through Draft Kings. Essentially, these players are legally allowed to do what Rose got banned for and it is perfectly acceptable while Rose is still in exile. Although innovative websites such as Draft Kings allows for fans to have a new experience and enjoy sports from a different perspective, they also pose a threat to the integrity of the game and have opened up a whole new can of worms.



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