Joe Girardi Enters the App World – Alexa Fontanella

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi is leaving the playing field and entering the realm of digital media. His goal is to connect with a younger audience through the development of a brand new baseball playing style app. Girardi plans to unveil the new app called Portalball within the next month at a ceremony in Times Square. Portalball is set to a backdrop of an alien invasion of earth with multiple phases including hitting (with fiery bats), pitching, and fielding of balls flying in from different portals throughout the game. The app accesses the camera on a player’s smartphone to create unique features within the game.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.51.39 AM

The app will be free for all gamers and sports fans to download, with revenue from in game purchases going towards Girardi’s charity ‘Catch 25’. It will be interesting to see how successful the app will be as the app world is much different then Girardi’s past careers of playing and managing for the New York Yankees. The game has a unique concept but we will soon find out if Girardi can be as successful in the digital media platform as he has been on the field for over two decades.


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