President Obama: “The Internet Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity” – Emily Tome

While this article is not specifically sports-related, I thought this was extremely interesting based on what we have been discussing in class the past few weeks. The title itself plays right in to our discussion about the Internet becoming a utility and not a luxury anymore. Thanks to some recent government help from President Obama and the White House, a new campaign called the “ConnectHome Initiative” will begin very soon. Its simple mission is to ensure that “every child should be given the same opportunity to build a brighter future and to achieve their dreams” with help from Internet access.

With the help of Google, the White House is hoping to give free Internet access to select public housing authority properties throughout the United States with the use of the Google Fiber Project. There are many different reasons, as we discussed in class, as to why not everyone in this country has access to Internet. Whether it be location, not being able to afford it, race/neighborhood type, or even simply poor access, this initiative is hoping to solve all three of these problems for those who are unable to receive it. A statistic in the article stated that one in four people living in the US don’t have Internet at home. It is no secret that this issue has started to become a popular topic and this might just be one of the first few steps that show the importance of government involvement with the Internet regulation.


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