How Wearable Technology Will Shape The Future of Sports — Letian Guo

For today’s serious athlete, running newbie or weekend exercise warrior, wearable technology is no longer a high-tech novelty; it’s an essential training tool. That’s why in 2015, the hottest new tech devices won’t be stored in our purses or pockets — they’ll be worn on our wrists, plugged into our ears and even embedded in our clothes and shoes. Many companies in Silicon Valley are starting to understand that developing great technology alone isn’t enough. In order to bring wearable devices closer to being a seamless, unobtrusive everyday accessory, we recognize wearables must incorporate functionality without compromising design and personal preferences.

One example is our partnership with SMS Audio on the new BioSport headphones — ear buds that monitor an athlete’s heart rate, provide biometric data and feedback, and deliver great sound in the process. By collaborating with 50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony, Intel is meeting the demands of exercise enthusiasts and music aficionados. These headphones exemplify the rapid movement in wearables beyond the era of stand-alone devices toward digital technology that can be seamlessly integrated into athletic apparel, sports gear and equipment, eyeglasses, work gloves and fashion clothing and accessories. We see a future where people choose accessories for not only their appearance and utility, but the technology inside as well.


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