Development of New Sideline Concussion Technology – Alexa Fontanella

Researchers from the University of Miami Hecht Athletic Center are developing a “more accurate and objective” sideline concussion equipment with the I-Portal PAS goggle system. What makes this news even more interesting is the NFL has also been involved with the project as a cosponsor, having donated a $500,000 grant. The topic of concussions is at the forefront of sports and beyond, as the U.S. Department of Defense is also in support for the goggles to be used on battlefield soldiers.

The goggles run a series of tests that are able to assess reflex responses of the eye, determine concussions, and provide other data on a person’s brain trauma. It is an easy to use technology that can provide life changing results. The goggles have the opportunity to benefit not only college athletes, but also youth sports, pro sports, and the clinical health practice. With over a year and a half of testing still needed in order to be approved by the FDA, it is great to see research and development going towards such a crucial aspect of sports.


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