Fantasy Sports Site FanDuel Scores $1 Billion Valuation – Sami Hameid

Fantasy Football is arguably the most addicting form of fantasy sports. It is easier to maintain than other sports and it can get super competitive. A lot of football fans who pay attention to football and watch it will normally have a phone/tablet (or some sort of device) to be able to check in on their fantasy football team. FanDuel creates a league where there is not much investment because it is only one week leagues. This has people intrigued because I will admit, I like to pick players from my favorite team. If my team has a bye week I am always less inclined to watch football, so I can pretty much pick and choose when I want to play. FanDuel was just valued at over $1 billion dollars and their stock keeps rising. I like investing my time into fantasy football for the whole year so I will most likely never try FanDuel, but this business seems to keep growing. Sooner or later FanDuel might be the go to place for fantasy sports.


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