Chris Katsifis: Unit 4: Fantasy Sports Site FanDuel Scores $1 Billion Valuation

FanDuel and Draft Kings are battling out for the market share of Fantasy sports. FanDuel is dominating the market since it has over 75% of fantasy users and has an estimated worth of 1 billion dollars. FanDuel has big investors like Comcast, Time Werner Cable and NBC sports ventures. T.V. companies are getting involved since fantasy players follow sports 40% more than regular fans. As Mark Cuban stated “It gets Mavs fans thinking about the Mavs everyday”, this constant exposure is beneficial to all parties involved with FanDuel since fans will follow sports more often. Fantasy sports is legal as long as FanDuel and other sites as long as they publish prize amounts before the games begin, make prize amounts independent from the number of players in the game, level the playing field by allowing anyone in a league to draft anyone they wanted and disregard point spreads and game score. This idea of online Fantasy has revolutionized the way sports are viewed.


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