Wimbledon And IBM Launch New Digital Features For 2015 Tournament – Emily Tome

In light of the final matches being held this weekend, Wimbledon, with the help of IBM, will be increasing their social media and online presence throughout the one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world. By revamping the tournament’s website and making apps and social media more interactive for fans, Wimbledon has become much more “responsive and adaptive” for all users this year. The new Wimbledon app will now be available for all iPhone, iPad, and Android users. Some of its features include up-to-date scores, player information, and a ton of analysis, which all will also be available in an offline format.

IBM is now utilizing its “InfoSphere” and “Blemix Cloud” to provide in depth facts and figures for fans as well as a utility specifically for the athletes in which they will be able to check their match schedules, access information and historical context about other players and matches, and get their own real updates on the tournament. This personalization is vital because it not only gets the outside users on board, but the more influential athletes themselves. Because games take place on different courts at different times, this responsive and quick access is a key element for the digital media upgrade. This platform is allowing this year’s tournament to be the most interactive and informative to date. With the increase in social media and technology going on in the world around us, this is a prime example of a sport using this to create a more popular platform and grab the attention of many.



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