The Carli Lloyd Craze Continues – Alexa Fontanella

Many American’s did not know who Carli Lloyd was only a few short weeks ago. But after her dominant World Cup performance with an incredible three goals scored within the first twenty minutes of the Final against Japan, everyone knows her name. In no time, a Carli Lloyd craze took over social media.

Throughout the tournament her social media following grew steadily until the explosion of followers after her performance on Sunday. From June 15th through July 6th, Lloyd’s Twitter followers rose from 253,000 to 381,000 and her Facebook followers increased from 127,000 to 363,000. Lloyd was not the only USWNT player to see an increase in followers. The entire team gained almost 1 million Twitter followers and 2.4 million Instagram followers from the start to the end of the tournament. Due to her popularity particularly on social media, Lloyd’s marketability is greater than ever before.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.17.20 PM

Speaking on Lloyd’s marketable future, her agent Josh Weil said, “A lot of what we were going to do was going to be predicated on how the World Cup went. So we’re in pretty good shape now.”

Prior to the tournament, Lloyd endorsed Niagara Water as part of its #GirlUp campaign. Niagara Water could have missed out on a tremendous opportunity. But due to the perfect timing of the deal, the brand has been able to take advantage of the added exposure at a reasonable price.

Although it is unlikely that Lloyd will ever reach the endorsement level of fellow teammate Alex Morgan, her performance at the highest stage has garnered an opportunity she must take advantage of. Although she wants to take advantage of the marketing moment, Lloyd understands the endorsement has to make sense and be the right partnership for her, specifically in the training and nutrition categories.


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