U.S. Women Show Off Training As They Head Into World Cup Final – Tyler Monk

As the United States Women won the Women’s World Cup convincingly this past weekend, some may have wondered if it was even difficult.  The ease that the women showed Sunday night partially has to do with the technology that tracks their performance, endurance, and recovery processes.  Polar, the company that supplies the women with their heart rate system, has a unique product that is designed to go to a wireless receiver that simultaneously tracks the each member of the team.  Having a live tracking system allows the training staff to see how hard the athlete is working and they can also plan individualized training plans based off of the real-time information.  Sally Edwards, the founder and CEO of Heartzones, a fitness technology company explained this, “In team sports, each player’s position has unique physiological requirements, so the forward on a soccer team has to have different training than a defender, some positions might need quick acceleration.  Others might need endurance late in the game.”  This quote is interesting to me because it makes a great point about training methods and keeping athletes ‘fresh’.  The impact that these devices could have on all team sports is immense.  A unique algorithm in the Polar Team2 System looks at duration of intensity and takes into account age, height, weight, and heart rates to manage a point system that is used each week to determine the capacity that all players have.  Another area where heart rate monitors help is in recovery.  Shawn Arent, who tests fitness for the US Women’s Soccer team and Rutgers’ Women’s Soccer team, had this to say about the benefits in tracking heart rates for recovery, “Now you can train a team like a group of individuals, to me, it’s almost silly not to use them anymore because we know so much more about the physiology about the sport.  What you can do now is more perfectly tune in on when you need to give athletes more recovery days, and how much you should be doing with them in training.”  Again, the impact that information will have in future team sports is immense, and it is truly remarkable to get an idea at how the World champions train in preparation for victory.



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