Telemundo and NBC Universo to Kick Off FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 Action on Saturday, June 6 – Katie Boudreau

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it has become commonplace for major sporting events to be live-streamed via applications alongside network coverage. While Fox Sports is providing live coverage through its television networks and live-streaming of the games through its app, NBC appears to have jumped on the opportunity to live-stream and air the World Cup in Spanish to American viewers via Telemundo, NBC Universo,, and NBC Deportes en Vivo Extra. All of the U.S’s first round matches were broadcast on NBC Universo, while the final is being broadcast on Telemundo. All of the matches, however, are available for live-streaming via and NBC Deperotes’ app, which is available for both Apple and Android users. In addition to the matches, NBC will also provide extensive coverage of the event ranging from pre and post game analysis to exclusive interviews.

It appears that NBC seized an opportunity to have access to the Women’s World Cup by acquiring the Spanish language broadcasting rights. By doing so, NBC can capitalize on an event by making it available to Spanish-speaking individuals in the U.S. Spanish is after the all the most spoken non-English language in America. Furthermore, NBC will be able to generate revenues from advertisers wishing to target its Spanish-speaking audience.


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