Brands Tap Into the Growing Fervor Around the U.S. Women’s World Cup Run – Ryan O’Hea

It has been a long standing problem in the United States that women’s sports do not receive as much attention or do not gain as much respect as male sports. This can be seen across the board from youth athletics, through high school and college scholarships and funding all the way to viewership on the professional level. Digital media and internet vehicles such as Twitter have been instrumental in increasing the awareness and fan avidity of women’s sports, especially during the World Cup. This article points out how major brands have shown support for the US Women’s National Soccer Team in order to market their products and build their brand. And although companies are doing this to better themselves, they are also showing support for women’s sports on the national level. This support allows for more and more people to be exposed to and support women’s sports. A male professional sports team such as the Seahawks has given the US Women’s National Team their vote of confidence thus giving their fan base the opportunity to do the same.


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