Hawk-Eye Technology in Women’s World Cup: Sami Hameid

Hawk-Eye will finally be used for women’s soccer. It has been used this past men’s World Cup, but finally it is the woman’s turn to use this cutting edge technology. Hopefully this technology will erase anyone’s doubt if there ever is a controversial goal during a match. This is kind of how it works: there are seven cameras installed per goal net (2 nets times 7 cameras equal 14 total). The cameras are then placed on the highest point in the stadium with 7 pointing to one net and 7 pointing to the other. The cameras will always be able to find the ball at all times. Let’s say there is a controversial goal that some people think crossed the line, but they are not sure; Hawk-Eye will be able to capture a clip of the ball to see if it actually crosses the line or not. This way if one of the crossbars are in front of the cameras in the back of the net, people will not be confused if they are not able to see if the ball actually crossed or not. The next part to how it works is a little complex so this quote from an article I found should be able to explain it better, “The system is millimetre-accurate and indicates whether or not a goal has been scored within one second by a vibration and visual signal on each match official’s watch.” (fifa.com)

I owe Hawk-Eye and FIFA a huge thank you for this technology, now I can sit back and relax while I watch the game and not think about if there are anymore controversial goals. Next up, making technology to see if the referees are blind (just kidding, just a little humor to end the post).



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