The 2015 Women’s World Cup and Technology: Three Things to Look For — Marcus Tatum

There are three major technologies to pay attention to at this world cup, all of them seem to be mentioned in other posts, but I’ll briefly talk about each. First the article mentions the use of goal-line technology. It is being used in the women’s game for the first time. We saw how referee error on goal decisions affected the US Men team in 2010. I had the privilege of actually talking with Maurice Edu about his famous disallowed goal, and he said he understands that referees make mistakes, “its always been a part of the game,” but knowing the technology to avoid that existed was what was most frustrating to him. Now in his specific incident the line that needed to be reviewed was the offside line. I believe FIFA has the opportunity to use similar technology that is in place for the goal line that could be modified to be used along the sidelines to aid in offside calls which is the number 1 reason for disallowed goals. Moving on the second point that was made was the wearable tech that is becoming rapidly used, I think it’ll be hard to find a pro team not using something at least similar to the technology. It track health as well as performance, and is key in helping coaches make personnel  decisions. I also was able to see that first hand, it can prevent injury, as it can even track how many times you cut off of a certain foot, which may aid in diagnosing a nagging injury. Lastly, and I think to be most important, I think it is a great example of how some great technology isn’t always great for the consumer. While the turf and how it is made is top of the line, it will never be grass and it is harming not only the players on the field but the integrity of the game. Not all technology should be used just because its available, it should be considered whether or not it will benefit the game or the consumer.’s-world-cup-and-technology-three-things-look


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