Mondogoal Launches 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Fantasy Game- Ainslie Rhoads

Mondogoal is making history this year for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. They have released the first-ever daily pay fantasy game for any women’s sport. We all know the name of the game when it comes to fantasy sports leagues. Fantasy Football is obviously one of the biggest names, but now we finally have a women’s fantasy league! In the past years, the FIFA World Cup has become quite the phenomenon here in the United States, especially with our Women’s team coming so close to the title just a few years ago. This years World Cup, hosted in Canada, has the hopes of all US Women’s National Soccer Team fans high once again.

Women in sports have always fought for equality, but never had much luck. Perfect examples include professional leagues: MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLS… just to name a few. These leagues have highly televised events, merchandise, and large fan bases. Women’s professional leagues like the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) and WPSL (Womens Professional Soccer League), don’t get anywhere near the exposure that the men’s leagues do.  For the first time, Mondogoal is breaking the barrier and making this tournament about the women.

In fact, there is even a feature where you can compare the top women’s players to the top men’s players. The attached article states that the Fantasy game, “will also offer unique contests where fans can combine players from the Women’s World Cup with players in top Men’s competitions going on at the same time (Champions League Final, MLS, Copa America), the first time team fantasy sports have ever had a co-ed option”.  Talk about breaking barriers!

Each day of the group stages, fans will pick a team of 11 players from the four games on that day using the Mondogoal salary cap format and then watch the Women’s World Cup to see players earn points for their fantasy teams with every contribution they make during the game. Fans have the opportunity to win $10,000 for the best fantasy team.

This fantasy sports technology is making positive strides for the future of women’s sports. Maybe the next step is fantasy basketball for the WNBA!



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