Siri doesn’t know about the Women’s World Cup – Emily Tome

In today’s world, the Apple iPhone has ruled the cellular world. And a huge utility of the iPhone is Siri, otherwise known as the voice of the iPhone. In today’s technological and digital world, Siri is widely known for its abundance of information, statistics, and general knowledge. Siri is also an expert on sports, well, all sports and teams except one. Siri is clueless when it comes to the US Women’s Soccer team and the Women’s World Cup. In fact, when asked who the captain of the US Women’s team is, Siri’s response is “sorry, I know a lot of sports stats about the United States, but I don’t know the answer to that one”. Ironically, Siri is an expert when it comes to the men’s team and the men’s World Cup in 2018.

Many fans and iPhone users are upset with Apple and the utility because of this. In today’s tech-savvy world, it would seem obvious that Siri would be able to answer questions about one of the most talked about sports events going on in the world right now. Digital media for the Cup has been spread all throughout social media in the past few months and it is shocking to find out that such a popular digital utility is not able to help promote the event, let alone the US Women’s team.


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