Qatar World Cup Stadium Architect Advises Against Air Conditioning Technology- Ariella Haase

There has been a lot of attention surrounding the 2022 World Cup, that was given to Qatar. Besides the bribing controversy with the selection of Qatar, another massive issue is the weather in Qatar. The weather, especially in the summer, can reach unreasonable temperatures which make it unsafe to play. One of the solutions brought up was to create stadiums that have an advanced air conditioning technology. The air conditioning technology would bring temperatures from average temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, to 23 degrees Celsius. The way they would achieve this, shown by the prototype, is by using solar energy to power a chiller to cool down the stadium. Although one may think this is a great solution, Graeme Maidment, Professor of Air Conditioning and Refrigerating at London South Bank University, believes differently. Maidment said that it was doable, but it would be an extremely expensive operation to run and will most likely not meet “FIFA’s environmental requirements due to its carbon output.” To add on, “John Barrow, an architect who is designing the Sports City Stadium in Doha, fought hard to persuade the organizers to drop the cooling system, because it was not good from a long-term, sustainability point of view.” Until recently, Qatar believed that the 2022 World Cup would be held in the summer, but the climate and environment “would endanger the health of the players and fans.” Because no sound solution could be found, the 2022 World Cup has been moved to the Winter.


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