NFL Teams Won’t Use Concussion Sensors for the 2015 Season

Despite a lot of hype over the last year about putting concussion sensors in player helmets, the NFL will not be implementing this technology for the 2015 season. It has been a technology backed by one of the league’s own medical advisors for being a way to reduce the number and severity of concussions. The NFL believes that they need to continue to do more analysis and research before putting the concussion sensors in player helmets.

Currently there are about 20 different colleges (including UCLA, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina) that use helmet sensors to alert coaches and medical personnel about damaging head trauma to players. The sensors for NFL player helmets would answer several important questions regarding how many head hits players absorb, the force of those hits, and how frequently they occur. The issues that doctors and the NFL have with these devices are the validity and the reliability. Are the devices capable of giving accurate numbers and yielding effective results?

This is important because if this technology is accurate, it could be a real game changer for concussions and the NFL. This technology could matriculate to lower levels of the sport like high school football and save a lot of people from a very scary injury.


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