MLB’s Streaming-Tech Unit Goes Pro – Jake Moss

MLB Advanced Media is not only improving the dynamics and technological innovations within its own industry of baseball, butMLBAM is also becoming the “go-to vendor for companies looking to stream TV over the Web.”  MLBAM has established and become “an expert in online video by powering baseball’s digital products.”  Now they are also helping other digital companies accomplish their goals.  This includes helping companies like “Time WarnerInc. ’s HBO, as well as helping deliverSonyCorp. ’s online pay-TV service, an app fromWalt DisneyCo. ’s ESPN, Glenn Beck ’s Internet TV network, and a streaming channel from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.”  On top of those major companies MLBAM has been in talks with “40 potential clients, including many traditional TV networks, which is up from about six last fall.”  Interest in expanding has increased with the number of companies requesting for MLBAM’s services.”This interest is causing the league to consider spinning off part of MLBAM into a separate company so it can focus on the new clients and attract investment.”  Newly appointed Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred stated that “MLBAM’s tech unit has the capacity to become a real leader in the technology space generally not just in the video streaming business.”  As the demand for MLBAM’s services increase one thing is certain in that Major League Baseball is due for a big payday.


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