New Fabric Tech Could Be Outerwear’s Biggest Advance in 40 Years – Andrew Glat

The article that I chose is about a new type of jacket for very cold weather.  The material used in this jacket is less bulky, more supple and said to be more comfortable as well. A small company in Colorado named “Voormi” is “touting a technology that produces a waterproof, breathable textile with only a single layer of material” Voormi believes that because it is only a single layer jacket, it can be very successful. Not only would it be light, but it is water proof as well.The staff that is designing this jacket are engineers, chemist and other innovators.

The first thing that came to mind was the question “will this work / adapt in sports”. I can see it definitely working in terms of skiing and snowboarding (cold weather sports). I am not sure exactly about some of the other sports. For example, I can see pitchers wearing it in the dugout, but I cant see other players / sports like hockey, basketball or football using these jackets during the game.

The only downside about this company is that they are relatively small and they are only working in America. If this jacket turns out to be the next big thing, I expect the company to expand world wide. I am excited to see if Voormi can live up to the hype of their product.


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