Sportfiilm Is a New Digital Sports Media Company Looking to Give Student-Athletes Their Big Break – Zachary Cintron

What was Jeremy Bloom’s biggest issue when he was attempting to be a multi-sport athlete at the University of Colorado, his sponsorships to continue his skiing career. Sports are not cheap to partake in anymore, especially the self paid ones such as skiing. That is where Sportfiilm looks to help the athletes.

Sportfiilm is a young company, only about a year old, but they are bursting onto the scene for sports and digital media. They currently represent 102 athletes and provide video services that they push to attempt to get these athletes some assistance with funding their dreams.

“Sportfiilm also has an iPhone app, where you can submit a video to them in hopes of getting a sponsorship. At first glance, it may seem that they are all about extreme sports and GoPros; but that is not the case, as they also look for athletes in squash, rowing, and badminton among others.”

Click the link below to read more about this emerging startup!


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