Facebook’s video numbers grab attention of media, leagues – Jared Doherty

In August of last year facebook users watched 1 billion videos a day. That is an absolutely ridiculous number of videos. In January 2015, facebook saw a huge jump to 3 billion views!!! This caused the sport world to take notice, especially Fox Sports. Pete Vlastelica, executive vice president of digital for Fox Sports said  “That’s significant considering where I work. We’re a broadcast media company, a traditional media company. And the numbers that we were able to present to my bosses are impressive enough that there are serious conversations about making a significant investment in programming for the Facebook platform and, generally, beginning to set aside production and programming budgets for emerging platforms.” The numbers are impressive but the hangup for the sports world is that they have yet found a way to monetize the videos. Facebook is very concerned about the user experience and don’t want to rush into monetizing videos but it is something that they are working on diligently. Apparently the ad technology just isn’t where it need to be to ensure a return on investment.

Maybe one day we will be using facebook to get all of our out up to date sports videos, replays, and highlights.



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