How Sports Media Outlets Will Use Snapchat’s New Discover Feature to Grow Reach – Allison Campbell

Snapchat has created a new content service on their app called “Discover,” which is similar to an online magazine except the stories only last for 24 hours. This service only has eleven media outlets featured, including ESPN. These outlets can generate revenue through being featured on Discover by featuring advertising in their content on the page. The main appeal for ESPN to be on Snapchat’s Discover page is that it allows their content to become easily accessible for Generation Y. In addition to reaching this target market, Snapchat has about 200 million users which creates the potential for ESPN to expand its fan base. The inclusion of pictures, videos, and quick news stories on Discover makes it very appealing to Generation Y users, even those who are not necessarily avid sports fans. The use of Snapchat amongst sports media outlets, leagues, and teams is increasing as the app becomes more and more popular. It will be interesting to see if this Discover page expands to include more media outlets, specifically for sports, in the future.


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