Watch NFL Hopefuls Use Wearable Tech When Trying to Go Pro (Video)- Paul Mickle

Leading up to the NFL Combine, athletes go through months of testing and workout training to prepare for the event. At one facility in Los Angeles, the StubHub Center, top athletes have been coming to workout with EXOS, which is a company that has trained athletes for the combine for years. EXOS has become notorious for getting players prepared for the combine and teaches them what drills do and don’t help the athlete perform better. Recently, EXOS has teamed up with Adidas to allow players to train wearing an Adidas miCoach. This device is strapped into each athlete’s shirt and captures dozens of measurements, like speed, acceleration and power, and sends the data immediately to the trainers’ iPads. This data is then used to individualize each players workout to help them maximize their workouts. This data also allows trainers to detect weaknesses in the body which might lead to injury and gives trainers the opportunity to build workouts around that body part. Players have also enjoyed using the miCoach because they are able to test their limits and see the peak point of performance. This a unique piece of technology and one that is extremely important in the training of athletes. The miCoach gives players and trainers the unique ability to stay ahead of the injuries and really understand the limits of the human body.


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