Passing a Social Media Background Check is More Important Than an NFL Prospect’s 40 Time – Kevin Murray

Every year, it is only a matter of time before a potential professional star gets degraded because of a social media or internet flub. This article was interesting to me because in tech, I always look for ways where athletes and twitter handles can be “humanized”, and this is exactly where it happens. Plenty of athletes have a twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and many of them have recently gone through cleanses either by their agency or their athletic department in order to become more marketable. It is important for teams to see that a player can take care off the field as well as they do on the field. In addition, it is important for sponsors to see a twitter account or Instagram account as a potentially marketable and financially appropriate. In 2015, I think it is about time that athletes learn that they must have a clean social media presence, and this article highlights that.


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