When the new Atlanta Falcons stadium opens for the 2017 season fans will not only see a beautiful and 21st century friendly stadium but also a stadium with a certain featured technology.  Recently, “IBM and AMB Sports & Entertainment (AMBSE) today announced a strategic partnership to develop a game-changing fan experience at the state-of-the-art new Atlanta stadium set to open in 2017.”  President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons, stated that “we know that creating the ultimate fan experience means meeting fans where they are, providing them with the platform to interact in a seamless way, and introducing them to new offerings that exceed expectations.”  Both companies plan to enhance the experience by first “IBM’s Smarter Stadium Network will provide ABMSE with leading-edge wifi infrastructure that will enable guests of the new stadium to enhance their event experience.  AMBSE will also operate within a “Smarter” Stadium environment where  IBM’s system integration will enable the operations team to be connected to, and communicate with, numerous stadium amenities including the new 360 degree, 63,000 square foot HD Video Halo Board, 2,000 video displays and concessions experience. This includes a more future flexible network, space savings within the stadium, power and cooling savings that will lower the carbon footprint while increasing operational efficiency.”  With the teaming up of IBM, AMBSE, the Falcons hope to provide their fans with a “smarter” and unique approach at tackling the ever changing technology platforms that will help to put fans in the seats instead of parked on their couch at home.


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