Melbourne Cricket Ground Technology Upgrades – Andrew Carlsson

Major upgrades are coming to Melbourne Cricket Ground, an Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria, and is home to the Melbourne Cricket Club. The Melbourne Cricket Ground will soon deploy a stadium Wi – Fi network, as well as eight hundred new high definition display monitors across the stadium. The Wi – Fi network will allow fans and spectators to seamlessly share digital content amongst each other at unprecedented data levels. The major technology upgrade, which is reported to be at forty – five million dollars, is led by IBM and Cisco. With the new displays, which brings the total of all displays to two – thousand eight hundred, will engage fans with statistics and real time analysis of numerous different areas. Melbourne Cricket Club CEO Stephen Gough had this to say about the upgrades coming to MCG, “This is a significant investment to improve and personalize the MCG customer experience and also operate a more efficient stadium. This will take the fan experience to another level with significant improvements to the MCG’s connectivity. This increased capacity will be great news for the four million people who visit the MCG each year”. As the second screen experience continues to grow, it is vital for stadiums and arenas to keep up with the second screen experience to engage and encourage fans to come to the venue. The improvements made will allow all who come to the high tech stadium, “…unrivalled and personalized in-stadium fan engagement and ensure premier game day experiences, giving fans more reasons to visit more often” which is what it is all about!


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