Former Duke Football Player Tackles Problems with “Teamworks” – Laurelle Holley

Keeping organized and managing a busy schedule can be a complicated task for anyone, especially student-athletes who are on their own in a new environment for the first time. The Teamworks app, created by former Duke Football player Zach Maurides, allows college sports teams to create a personal platform to communicate and organize various tasks, responsibilities, meetings, and assignments. Today’s society is always on the move, but always have their phone or form of technology on them. This app allows them to have all the information they need to know at the tip of their fingers, and is more organized and convenient then having a million papers with information or pulling up emails. While professional athletes have a better handle on their life and schedule compared to student-athletes, this app could also morph into a beneficial app for professional sports as well, especially in terms of communication. I could also see this app branching out more and being a platform for organizations, businesses, or teams to communicate and work on various tasks.


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