Rugby World Cup could use Hawk-Eye after trials are announced – Allison Campbell

This year’s Rugby World Cup will most likely implement Hawk-Eye’s ‘SMART Replay’ system in order to improve accuracy of decision by television match officials. The official that is monitoring footage will be able to view various angles of real time play simultaneously and will also have access to these replays in slow motion. Coaches, officials, medical staff, and producers will all have immediate access to the recorded angles of play. World Rugby’s chief executive, Brett Gosper, talked about how this sort of technology is perfect for the sport of Rugby. He said, “Central to our sport is the integrity of player welfare and the match official decision-making process.” The SMART Replay system will make identifying series injuries, such as concussions, easier because medical staff will be supplied with immediate footage of several angles of plays. This technology also solves the problem of inaccurate calls that can decide games.


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