Carestream’s Digital X-ray Technology Delivers Rapid Access to Diagnostic Images of Football Players at 2015 NFL Combine – Andrew Glat

Injuries are always the biggest concern in sports. They can make or break a teams season, or even an athletes career. This year at the 2015 NFL combine, Carestream will be using DRX-1 detectors along with existing X-ray systems at Lucas Oil Stadium to produce high-quality diagnostic images in seconds to examine the players. Over 300 college athletes will undergo physicals as part of their evaluation.  “Multiple NFL teams—and other sports organizations worldwide—are currently using Carestream’s advanced digital radiology products to diagnose player injuries.”

Carestream also announced that  they are”developing new 3D medical imaging systems that could be used in diagnosing recreational sports enthusiasts of all types and professional athletes.” This is definitly something to keep an eye on in the future. If this new technology can give us results faster than ever, then safety and health in sports will take a big leap forward.

The main reason I chose this article was because I am interested in seeing how successful this digital x-ray technology can be. Making sports safer would be a win-win for everybody.


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