How Nascar Plans To Turn Its Survival Story Into A Decade Of Success- Jared Doherty

I have been to one Nascar race in my life, I left half way though. Needless to say I can hardly stand to watch the “sport” on TV, especially with so much content out their. Since 2005, in their heyday, Nascar has seen a 21% decrease in TV viewership and a 16% decrease in ad spending. But none of this matters because somehow Nascar managed to sign a 10-year TV rights deal for a $820 million a year, a 46% increase from the previous deal. These number just show you that sports content is one of the last frontiers and providers are still willing to take risks on content that is struggling. Ratings however surged during the new Chase format but was also aided with a couple of good old fashioned driver fights.


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