USA TODAY Sports Media Group Launches new Sports app for iOS and Android- Matt Senft

USA Today Sports Media Group released a new mobile sports app for the iPhone and Android. They say it is just like reading the USA Today just through a digital screen. This mobile app is free which means the viewers should be ready for advertisement to start popping up. Mark Pesavento, VP of digital strategy for USA TODAY states , “Consumers have so many options for news and information, yet so few of them solve a fan’s most basic problem: What do I need to know right now so I don’t miss out on what everyone else is talking about, or will be talking about?” Instead of people hearing about stories or updates through the grape vine, Mark wants this app to be the one spreading the word.

This app has several features that the publisher highlights in the article. The content from interviews, vines, images and data will all be provided with ease. The app is simple with a plethora of diverse information. The way that it was formatted gives the viewers a clean and simple way to view things such as scores, schedules and statistics. They give the viewers a chance to express there takes on different type of stories that will be sent to the editor.


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