Soccer Making Waves in Social Networking – Kevin Blake

Soccer may not be the number one sport in the US but MLS has become a leader in social network engagement. According to the Director of Social Media for MLS, Amanda Vandervort,“[we are] always trying to connect with current and future fans.” Soccer in general is the international leader in sports, however the US population is still coming around to the MLS. One way to convert more Americans into fans of the League is through social media interaction. Using a wide array of formats such as; Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and YouTube, they have been able to capture a large share of fan engagement. Currently the MLS has 2.58 million followers on Google +, over 150,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 300,000 followers on Twitter. One of the most unique formats that they have used is a Google + Hangout. These Hangouts allow live interaction between fans and media while sometimes including a direct address from the Commissioner or another employee of the league. I think that what the MLS is doing shows their awareness to the current landscape of fan interaction. Through diversifying their social media platform engagement, they are increasing the chances of gaining new fans, exciting current fans and expanding the overall reach of the MLS. I believe with the dropping interest in baseball these past years, there may be an opening for the MLS to become a more desirable league in the US.


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