profileMyRun Is Bringing Running Science to Everyone- Ariella Haase

There are many runnings apps out there. Most have told you how many miles you have ran, or how long you have ran for. The new profileMyRun app is a new way for runners to improve their form.The idea came from a “thought that there must be one best way to run, one technique to where biomechanics are perfectly aligned to bring the body forward, with the least amount of effort.” The app focuses on runners posture, cadence, foot strike, and lean. During the run, the app will signal when a mistake is being made and help you correct it. Runners are now able to monitor their stance and runs in real-time, and not just know how they have done after the run. The runners are able to also share their results from the run. The founder of the app wanted to create a community of people to encourage a healthy-lifestyle. “With wearables becoming more and more prevalent recently, it will be interesting to see how this product, which strives to be more than the basic wearable, does in the market.”


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