NBA Should Copy the NHL and Use Player-Tracking Tech for the All-Star Game- Ariella Haase

The NBA was the first “the first major American sports league to invest heavily in player-tracking technology.” Currently, the NBA is using SportVU to help track their players. Each game, there are six cameras that are used to record distance, player separation, speed, and ball possession. With this technology, there is only a certain amount that can be seen. The technology that the NHL is using, a the Sportvision active-tracking system, is able to show more detail than the SportsVU cameras. The chips would be placed in the jerseys of the basketball players in order for the live-tracking to work. This would be a huge advantage for the NBA and fans during the All-Star Game because they would be able to put more details to be overlaid on live footage or replays and the fans would be able to check stats that are accurately uploaded.


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