ChyronHego Provides Player Tracking Technology For Swedish Soccer League – Andrew Carlsson

This article, by Digital Signage Connection, takes a look at the upcoming changes that will be coming to the Swedish Premier Football League by March of this year! A league wide rollout is underway, as sophisticated player tracking technology driven by ChyronHego will soon be implemented to better analyze players, as well as to be optimized in the second screen experience for fans coming to the games. TRACAB installations will be installed at all arenas in Allsvenskan — giving the league powerful new capabilities for capturing ball and player positional data in true real time. TRACAB uses advanced patented image processing technology to identify the position and speed of all moving objects within each football arena. Also, a program called, “Connected Stadium” will be implemented in all arenas to enhance the networks and technology being used. Data will be used to enhance live television coverage of matches with “instant virtual replays” as well as enriching the fan experience through second-screen applications and streaming. This is important to note as those who are avid mobile users running various mobile apps will have one more to add to their second screen experience, giving them more control than ever before in regards to content that can be consumed. The Swedish Premier Football League appears to be headed in the right direction, as the new digital technology will help connect fans everywhere while keeping up to date in technological arena advancements!


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