App Review: Ubersense Keeps It Simple For Athletes Looking To Improve Skills – Maria Paula Ueno

As athletes keep improving in their level of performance, the new app called Ubersense , provides other athletes and coaches new ways to review and critique their skills at no cost. With the app, athletes are now able to watch themselves through videos in many ways and they can also post it to be public so that people from all over the country can give feedback. Furthermore, the recorded performances can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, e-mail or other Ubersense Team members. Another feature that is beneficial to users is that it helps teams create their own group by pulling contacts from devices or Facebook contacts. This way, athletes from the same team can give each other constructive criticism and help build a bond between them. In my opinion, Ubersense is one of the most helpful apps available to users because It can break down actions made by athletes frame by frame, allowing them to really up their game. Ultimately, athletes, coaches, and recruiters around the world can be exposed to other individuals who want to improve their sport of interest and educate them with their knowledge and experience.


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