Appetize App Comes to Madison Square Garden – Laurelle Holley

Increasing the fan experience is one of the main focuses in the sports world today. While venues and teams have been able to provide better access to data and content right from their seats, there are still areas that can be improved with the help of technology. Madison Square Garden is working with Appetize App to allow fans to purchase and receive concessions without even having to leave their seats. In addition to ordering and having food delivered o them, fans also can access information about the venue, ticketing, parking, and more. The app also has offline capabilities so data or wi-fi is not needed to order food. Appetize App was tested at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York last June, and users were able to pay with bluetooth which resulted in a decrease of thefts and declines. While this is taking on the next challenge of the in-game experience, we are beginning to see other teams and venues to provide similar software within their own apps. The one down side to this app is that fans have to leave their MSG, NY Rangers, of NY Knicks app to be able to order food. This should not deter people from using the app, and could leave to possible app integration in the future.


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