This is the new ESPN app–And it’s not called SportsCenter anymore- Jared Doherty

I looked down at my phone today and I noticed something different. I noticed that my sportscenter app had been renamed to the ESPN app. The app basically looks the same but it has more of an ESPN red theme going on. ESPN is the ultimate second screen for sports fans. While watching the game I routinely check the stats or stories on, or sometime even watch three games and once on the TV, laptop, and phone. ESPN renamed the app because the name sportscenter does not mean as much as it does in the USA and that the name had limited the way in which they could market the app. With the app now being renamed ESPN, executives are hoping that it will serve as the all encompassing ESPN app as opposed to having several available in the app store like watch ESPN and ESPN radio.

Another big part of the story was that ESPN is unveiling a new website on April 1. I am hoping I am not falling for an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. If true the second screen sport experience will change for millions of people. I can’t remember a time when looked different, a major change in the appearance will lead to a major change in how people experience their sports.

ESPN is trying to take after Netflix in making software that’s intuitive regardless of platform. ESPN is also trying to make there new website and all there apps look uniform on all platforms. I’m exciting to see the new website and the ensuing social media explosion that follows from people that miss the old ESPN website. Remember the Facebook timeline debacle, now image millions of grumpy sports fans that don’t know how to access their new sports on the new website. In all seriousness, I’m sure the new website will be user friendly and I’m excited to see how it improved my sports experience.


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