“The gadgets and gimmicks changing the future of live sport” – John Dolan

This article starts out by talking about the decrease in attendance at Australian sporting events, and how the advancements in technology has been a big factor in that. It goes on to talk about some of the new technology that is slowly being implemented in Australia. The first is Samsung’s new “Sports Live App,” this app allows viewers to watch a game and have information from the game available in the top right corner. This means that viewers won’t have to look away to get the information they are looking for. The article also talks about wearable technology and how that might be the future of sports broadcasting. Wearable technology is everything from helmet cams to microphones to things like watches that would be on the athlete and give fans a players perspective of the game. This article is important because the decrease in attendance is a serious problem and all of this new technology is making it a bigger and bigger problem. While broadcasts want their viewers to have the best technology it is hurting the teams themselves because they aren’t getting the same fan turnout.



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