Technology gives goalies edge in advancements – Maria Paula

Playing sports requires a lot of talent and hard work. Being a goalie in the NHL league is not the easiest of roles. A hockey team came up with the idea of technology as a tool to help its goalies improve their performance. By using an IPad and GoPro camera, coaches and players can improve their game through the use of  these devices. Users place the camera on the glass, preferably above the goalie. The camera captures every thing that happens frame by frame. The video captures the perspective of the goalie, allowing them to see shots, saves, screens, passes, entries off the rush. This feature can not only be limited to hockey but also other sports will be taking advantage of the technological advances and uses of these devices. Considering the amount of progress we are now seeing in technology, as the technology improves, so will the players and the coaches as they begin to break the game second by second and analyze it.


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