NHL tiptoeing into player and puck tracking technology – Lucas Richards

The NHL is trying to remain on the cutting edge of technology and could possibly implement new player-tracking technology as soon as next year. I picked this article because I really enjoy hockey and the NHL is really trying to get caught up in regards to technology. At the All Star game last month, they placed chips in the jerseys of each player and inside the pucks to track everything from speed, and movement, to shift length and ice time. Sportvision, The same company that does the First Down line for NFL games, as well as the Strike Zone map for the MLB, has been working with the NHL for 6 years to create this. The NHL can’t put in this new technology without an agreement from the NHLPA but will definitely try to get it done during the next CBA negotiations. This new technology could create a whole new type statistics for the fan to access and help coaches know who is really giving 100% and who’s slacking off.



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