NBA Player Tracking – Katie Class

For the better part of a decade, NBA experts have debated how useful m advanced statistical metrics would be to the league. Metrics such as Player Efficiency Ratings and Win Shares are just a few that come to mind. More recently, optical tracking systems such as SportVU and biometric tracking systems like Catapult have given teams the ability to measure players on two main fronts: efficiency of their on-court movement and their exertion levels during practice. These technologies help organizations by providing them with more information than ever on their players to identify problem areas, make improvements, and aid in preventing some injuries. Some teams even have players wear monitors that track them while they are sleeping and other off-court personal activities. This article is important because these new technologies are a question of ethics for some people in the sports world. It poses the question: should teams be allowed to track players to this extent?;_ylt=AwrBJR7YH9hU8hYAdJdNbK5_


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